Friday, May 30, 2014

Forbidden Tales of the Sky Pirates!

My new book Forbidden Tales of the Sky Pirates is available on iTunes for free. So search for it. The book is split up into issues to continue the story in a serial. The purpose of course is to continue the series forever and to always return to your favorite anti-heroine. The first story arc: Queen of the Sky Pirates is written and will span four or five monthly issues.  I'm finishing up the cover for issue two and will be putting it together in iBooks shortly. This issue will cost money... $1.99 I think.

The next arc is Death to the Sky Pirates, which you may be familiar with. DTTSP was my comic that is currently shelved because I'd rather write the story than illustrate it. You can find the first issue on comiXology. You'll have to search for it, cause they have me in the Submit ghetto of their app... but hey, it's there. The second issue of DTTSP is mostly finished, so I'll probably post the pages here in the future.

I decided to write Death to the Sky Pirates and include it in Forbidden Tales simply because it will be better--the story that is. The problem is that reading is fading to alternative forms of simpler entertainment; but if you are like me, you still crave the emotional/psychological/spiritual complexity of a good novel. Thanks for reading.

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